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A photo of SuccessIsLife SuccessIsLife
Just wondering real quick, how many people haven't gotten a response from any universities yet? :bounce:
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A photo of crazyfrog007 crazyfrog007
Im guessing that almost everybody got at least one conditional acceptance from a university by now. From what I can tell, the reason why you haven't gotten any yet is because you only applied to Carleton and they didnt send you an acceptance in the previous waves of acceptances. Probably after Midterms, you will receive an acceptance or two.

You should have applied else where rather then just one university. Just some advice although its kinda too late now.

Good luck.
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A photo of ashleyking24 ashleyking24
I've been accepted to 2 of my 3 choices (Windsor and Laurier). Don't worry though, you'll probably get an acceptance soon or after midterms! :)
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