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ACCEPTED - But I don't know which to choose!

A photo of ttaarraa ttaarraa
I've been accepted to:

Ryerson: BSc Nursing
Ryerson: BSc Food & Nutrition
U of T St. George: BA Social Science (Health Studies)
U of T Mississauga: BSc Psychology (hopefully focusing on genetics eventually)

I have no idea which one to enroll on for September 2011. My first choice was initially nursing - however, I've been doubting myself because I'm worried I won't be able to handle the 'gross' (for lack of a better word) parts. I feel as though I could do a good job concerning every other aspect of the career, though.

Which program do you think would provide the best career for me in the future? That is the most important thing here - I'd love to have a career in any 4 of these fields, I just want the most choices possible (with good pay) after four years.
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A photo of Sheldore Sheldore
Good pay and a Bachelor's degree don't go together anymore son.
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A photo of ttaarraa ttaarraa
I also stated that I`d prefer to choose a bachelor`s degree that would give me the *most choices* after four years. Choices could mean going on to a graduate program.

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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai

@Sheldore wrote
Good pay and a Bachelor's degree don't go together anymore son.

Software engineers don't make a bad salary.
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A photo of DoctorLawyerDentist DoctorLawyerDentist

@Sheldore wrote
Good pay and a Bachelor's degree don't go together anymore son.

You're joking right?

Engineering. Actuarial science. Math.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hi ttaarraa,

I totally understand where you're coming from; I had the same problem choosing between a few programs myself.
Congrats on all the acceptances by the way! In the end, your choice should be based solely on what you really want to do, and what makes you happy. And, I suppose you have to consider location, university preference, etc.
In terms of what program between the ones listed as accepted would provide a more "secure" and profitable future as a career, I would have to say hand down - BScN Nursing. Plus, I've heard that Ryerson has a great nursing program; I'm sure you'd be happy too.
Maybe I'm being a bit biased here (since I have myself, been accepted to a Nursing program and will attend in the fall), but I think that nursing as a profession is so rewarding and gives you LOTS of options in terms of where you want to go with your degree. For example: with your Bachelors in nursing, you can go in research, work in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, in public health (schools), in management, teaching... etc. You can also get an MA or PHD after, so there's no stopping there! Also, if you don't like working in anything too "gross" or where you're exposed to "bodily fluids" and other stuff, you can work in an area that would work for you. Nursing as a profession is SO diverse - there's ER, OR, Med-Surg, PEDS, Bedside, Radiology, ICU... so many departments... I'm sure you'd find something that works for you!

Sorry for blabbering on for what seems like an hour, but it's my opinion - and I wanted to share how nursing is more than what most people think. It's also really in demand and with the Baby Boomers retiring soon, working in health care with def. be a good career choice, for sure. :)
Good luck choosing! :)

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