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Accepted, Can't Choose!

A photo of dmiller93 dmiller93
I've been accepted to:

McGill (BA)
Carleton (BA Honours)

I honestly don't know which one to choose! I'm more inclined to McGill simply because of the prestige, but on the other hand, Carleton comes with a considerable scholarship. Are the academic advantages of McGill worth passing up the money?

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A photo of prmly prmly
In all honesty, I say go with Carleton for two reasons: a.) they're giving you more money and b.) if you're planning on going to grad school, where you did your undergrad makes little difference and you'll (probably) get better marks at Carleton rather than McGill.

If you're a partier and like the idea of living in Quebec and drinking legally at 18, you could still go to Carleton as it's in Ottawa and Gatineau is right across the bridge.

Either way, it's your decision and you should go to the school where you feel you'd be happiest :)
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A photo of Palisades Palisades
I would say go to McGill... At least if to you campus environment is really important. I was really unimpressed with the Carleton campus after visiting schools like McGill and Queen's. Also, if you're planning on working/going to grad school outside of Canada it's better to go to a school that is somewhat recognized internationally. If you're tight on money then I guess go to Carlton, although the scholarships barely dent the tens of thousands we end up spending on our educations in my opinion. Oh, and Montreal > Ottawa, ALL THE WAY!!
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Flip a coin like I always say ;)
You will know which result you want.
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A photo of Zion Zion
McGill. Unless you really need the money Carleton is offering you.
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A photo of fruitpunch9 fruitpunch9
Go to McGill :bball:
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A photo of Rica Rica
I'm totally with prmly on this one.

If a university is offering you money, I would consider it unwise to reject it unless you had very urgent reasons to choose the other uni. And the grad-school point that was made is also very true: where you got your undergraduate degree matters very little, and you're probably more likely to get better marks at Carleton.

If, however, you prefer a good challenge and international reputation, then do consider McGill, but only if this would be worth more to you than graduating with a considerably smaller load of debt on your shoulders.

Whichever you choose, I wish you the best of luck! :sunny:
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