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Accepted into 1 or more business programs and going there next year? READ!!

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Hey all,

I am a student at Queen's University School of Business. I just wanted to let you all know about the opportunity I have available for you. I am starting a web-startup that specifically deals with university admission as to provide assistance to prospective students who aren't getting the advice that they need from their guidance counselors (or can't afford private counselors).

We currently have multiple projects planned which will all add value to prospective students, their parents, as well as other educators who may be interested. I am currently looking for students who have JUST BEEN THROUGH the admission process to collaborate with me on these projects.

Through this endeavour you will be adding value to the high school community, and helping them achieve their goals. Moreover, you will gain valuable team-working and leadership skills as you work with others like you, as well as high school students. It will greatly differentiate you from other candidates when applying for jobs or exec position at clubs/societies.

If you are at all interested about any of what I said, please feel free to contact me at thomas.kwon@business.queensu.ca and we'll continue the discussion from there. Oh, and should you have any questions, feel free to PM/Email/Reply, and I will answer them to the best of my ability.


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A photo of apark17 apark17
sure im in, emailed.
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A photo of TKBCOM14 TKBCOM14
5 people have shown interest, all QC/Ivey/McGill... Would love to get some love from Laurier/UofT/UW/Brock/Schulich students!
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A photo of AsianFail93 AsianFail93
Got accepted into WLU BBA/BSc(not UW), UTSC co-op management, UW AFM-FM.
Decided not to do a business undergrad although. Be glad to help out although (send a pm).
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