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Accepted McGill but failing a course... what'll happen to my acceptance?!

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Top 6 average of 92.2, deposit paid for Business Management at McGill.
Complications with a teacher in an elective course (M) are pointing towards a potential fail in the course, class will be withdrawn from top 6 and will be replaced by another high mark.
I will still graduate with an expected top 6 of 88%; I have enough courses.

I called the McGill admissions council and I was told that when my final marks are sent to OUAC the admissions department will see the fail and will act accordingly. I was told that it shouldn't be a problem considering it's not a prerequisite, but she can't be sure because she doesn't speak to that specific department.

Does anybody have specific experience with this and can offer me some insight into the future? Any help would be great.
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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
Unless McGill specifies that your final marks have to be the same courses that were used in your top 6 in April, and as long as that course is not a required course, they'll just take your highest marks(with the pre-reqs)..
Read carefully what conditions they told you in your offer of admission package.. I don't know what department would handle these things other than the admissions council but I would email the school again just to make sure.
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
If you're really worried can't you drop the course (might look better) and/or accept another offer at an Ontario university and pay the deposit (a little late but a crappier school might let you do it).
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