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Accepting Offers

A photo of Qq Qq
Has anyone done it yet?

When would it be the best time and when would it be considered kind of late?

I'm thinking of accepting one sometime in May?
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A photo of sara1320 sara1320
I've heard that it's good to apply early, but I've also heard that it doesn't really matter. As long as you don't leave it to the last few days, you should be fine (I've been told OUAC can crash when that many people are trying to access it). I know that with Guelph, the residence application is due the same day as acceptances, so I would make sure you know the deadline for whatever school you choose.

But I'm sure anytime in May would be fine :) They still give out acceptances in May, so that shouldn't be considered late.
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A photo of maritimevalley maritimevalley
I accepted my offer about 3 weeks ago. I'd say anytime between when you make your final decision and the university of your choice's deadline is a good time to accept their offer!
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