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A photo of LeeVenasse LeeVenasse
So I've been accepted to Mac, Waterloo and Ryerson for Honours Psych. If I accept one of the offers, do the other two cancel out?
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A photo of PurpleMustang PurpleMustang
I'm pretty sure they don't take back their offer until it expires in May.
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
PurpleMustang is correct.

There are only two ways for offers to cancel if you have met all their conditions. You would have to either to do nothing and allow the offer to go unanswered past the expire date. This could be anytime, not just May, but it is most likely May. I say it could be anytime because I did receive an offer from Guelph which expires on the 6th of March.

The second way for an offer to cancel out is if you manually go into OUAC and choose the 'Deny' option.

If you accept an offer now, you can change your mind before your other offers expire. Just be aware that you have to decide whether you want to change your mind before any fees are required of you from the school you accept. If you do pay fees of any kind, it is likely you will only get a percentage of those back when/if you change your mind and cancel the offer which you accepted.
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