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Accuracy of Electronicinfo.

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How reliable is electronicinfo?

I applied for York biomed, Ottawa Honours Science, and Guelph Biological science with an 81 Avg. According to the site i shud be a couple % above, so am I safe?
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An 80% is a really common average for people entering these Life Sci/Bio sci program at
the major schools known for it. It's always good to aim a little higher. Don't just take all the most difficult classes, take some classes which you'd consider "easy" for yourself just to get a little boost in your average. To be safe it's good to be a little bit above 80%.
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Ughh I just dropped 10% in one of my courses , im so screwed.

My avg is 79 now O.O.

Hopefully I get into biomed at York.

Does anyone know cutoff for biomed for last year? I realize biomed is generally low 80's to high 80's depending on the school.

I have until April to pull my marks up because im non-semestered but I really wanna be on the safe side.
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I Used cudo when I applied, they use actual data.
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