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ActSci at Waterloo or UofT?

A photo of TotoSmith TotoSmith
Hey everyone, I was wondering which schools has a good actuarial science prgram outside of Waterloo. Does the UofT or Western have a decent program? I was also wondering what chances I had for receiving admission into these schools. My overall average is not great, 85-86%. I did really bad in advanced functions, 80%. But my calculus mark is currently 93%. My english mark is also 90% if that helps. I have not yet written the Euclid(though I will write it this May if I haven't already been rejected by Waterloo lol). I have written different contests in the past though. I also volunteer as a reading program coordinator at a library... and I'm applying from out of province (still in Canada). My grade 11 average was also bad, 81% average, and my grade 10 average was around 87%. Anyways, I know these kind of questions are annoying but I'd like to hear ur guys opinions and what my chances are for receiving admission into honours math at Waterloo, mathematical sciences at UofT and Western. Thanks in advance for any help!
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A photo of utorontoeric utorontoeric
well, don't even think about other 2 schools if you can get co-op math for waterloo, which is one of the best training-grounds for actuaries in the world
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A photo of TheCatherine TheCatherine
i applied to waterloo too for CS and math... havent heard a reply yet either! they dont give any EA unless you have over 95% average i heard xD

when it comes to math at UW, you apply to general. If you dont get into actuarial science first year BUT you get into another math program (applied or pure math for example) its a REALLY easy transfer!

just try to keep your calc mark 90+... or preferably 95+ to prove to waterloo that you can succeed in math and that your functions grade was a fluke xD(i finished functions in gr11 with a 76.. but now im in gr12 and i have a 97 in calc.. and my predicted IB math grade is a 7/7... trying to prove that functions also for me was a fluke xD)

ALSO, what my guidance counselor told me is that you need to pass functions in order to do calc. SO, calc must be more difficult right? so, in my perspective, calc is def more important.. especially for actuaries.. i have NEVER heard of an actuary using the sine rule xD

however, in your AIF form, state TONS of ECs... and try to explain to UW WHY your functions grade was so low... that might give you bonus points in order to get accepted!

*** this whole post was an opinion. i have no experience with admissions. i am also in gr12. soooo, we are in the same boat !
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