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Actuarial Science at York University

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I was recently accepted in the actuarial science program at york and had a few questions about it.

Is York an okay place to study act sci? It is recognised by the society of actuaries so i was wondering why people have a generally bad opinion about it. I understand uoft/waterloo are the best places to study act sci, but is york really that bad?

Also, can anyone tell me the difference between these 3 strands within the program?
1) Specialized Honours BA degree
2) Honours BA degree
3) normal BA degree

Thank You
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Go to UW and get a BMath in Act Sci. Its honestly the better school for it - and Co-Op will help IMMENSELY.

Specialized Im guessing is specialized. Honours degrees are generally 4 years, normal is generally 3 years. Honours degrees are also required to pursue graduate studies
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I agree. waterloo definitely has the best resources for you to become an actuary. they also have test centers for actsci exams available on campus which is a nice convenience. co-op also a big plus. most students who're in actsci finish undergrad at uw with roughly 3-4 exams under their belt.
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