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Admission Anxiety! Help!

A photo of Paridhi Paridhi
Hi, I live in Calgary, and I have an overall 89% average (with all my 5 gr 12 subjects combined which are to be handed in this fall to university-chem 30, bio 30IB, math 31, french 30, ela 30). I'm extremely nervous as I don't know if I will be admitted to the program I want.
I have a few months left to decide, but I will apply to either Biochemistry or Health Sci.

-volunteer(ed) with: Schizophrenia Society, Canadian Blood Bank, Bridge Foundation for Youth, TELUS world of Science, Distress Center, Non-Profit Organizations.
-i have a job
-ecs: dance, school clubs.
Can I get into UWO, UT, Queen's, or McGill with an 89%?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
I think with an 89% average in your top 6 makes you a real contender.I'm pretty sure you'll get in to U of T with 89%. THough why not make it 90% so it seems, to the eyes, to be much better than 89% even though it jsut 1%.

And as for other schools, I actually can't say with as much confidence as but yeah:p

Wel...to summarize i guess, if you were to apply to all those schools, i think at least 2will take you.
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