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Admission at UTSG

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I was wondering if a 83 would be enough to get accepted in the humanities program?

Also does anyone know for sure their policy on repeat courses?

People that I've talked to at UofT say that they accept repeated courses unless you're at the cutoff, then they take the student without the repeat courses.

Also in this article...the university registar said they accept repeat courses


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The suggested competitive average for humanities at U of T is low 80s. You should be fine, but you may be waiting a little while longer for an acceptance.

Really? I thought U of T was strict about repeated courses...
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I think that their strictness varies by department, since in commerce they do not look at repeats at all, and in engineering they ask for a written explanation.

It might be different for arts, since they do accept people with below 80 averages, 6.7% have 75-79 average range. Im guessing that they're just willing to take the higher average since its not so competitive, and they don't really care as long as they get they're money.
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