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Admission Average for Software Engineering at McMaster Western and Waterloo

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I posted a similar post a lot earlier in the school year but since the first semester is almost done I wanted to ask one more time. And also because some of my friends already got accepted to life sciences so early im starting to freak out.

So I applied to Software Engineering at McMaster, Western and Waterloo and these are my current marks they are all pre-reqs and they are pretty much final marks only have exams left

Advanced Functions: 89

In case this matters for second semester I have:

Computer Engineering:
Computer Science:

So can somebody please tell me is I have a chance of getting into any one of these schools hopefully McMaster!?

Thank you to everyone that answers!
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Engineering at McMaster and Western has a cut-off of around the low-80's, so yeah you'd most likely get accepted. Waterloo SE is a little more difficult - the cut-off is in the mid to high 80's with weight also put on the AIF. You have a good chance but I really have no idea, obviously can't guarantee anything. I applied to the same programs too haha *fingers crossed*

Good luck!
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I just recieved an offer from McMaster for Engineering. My marks were in the mid 80s. Though I come from an Indian system of schooling in Dubai.

McMaster University - Engineering ( Accepted )
University of Waterloo - Chemical Engineering (Waiting)
University of Toronto - Chemical Engineering (Waiting)
Queens University - Chemical Engineering (Waiting)
University of British Columbia - Chemical Engineering (Waiting)
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They're sending out acceptances right now?! I guess the international/out-of-province ones go out first. Congratulations! :)

Now I wait :3
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