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Admission for Waterloo

A photo of desgarron9 desgarron9
Does anyone know if UWaterloo has a policy for taking a course in summer school for the Math faculty? Specifically computer science. If so what is it?
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A photo of TheCatherine TheCatherine
try to do all your required courses over the year and have AT LEAST 6 U/M credits
i dont think they look at summer school after gr12... after gr11 maybe
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A photo of Bscit Bscit
For their Math programs, they will take 3-5% off your admission average if you repeated a course or took a course that was outside of regular day school
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A photo of LindaS LindaS
I took two grade 11 in summer school because I wanted to take grade 12 courses earlier and also cuz of timetable conflict. I don t think it affected my admission since I get early admission for both programs at Waterloo.
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour

If you have taken or are taking courses outside of regular day school and have applied to a program in the Faculty of Mathematics, in some cases your overall admission score will be adjusted.

Your average may be adjusted, but shouldn't affect you too much. I suppose it depends on the validity of the reason and the importance of the course for your program.
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A photo of madox madox
dont even worry about it. i did grade 12 english in summer school, and i didnt even do well (finished with an 83 lawl) and I still got into cs at waterloo. I actually got my offer of acceptance on december 4th, so you wont be rejected because of doing summer school.
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