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Admission to ROTMAN COMMERCE. Chance me.

A photo of RotmanCommerce12 RotmanCommerce12
[size=7]Grade 11 Marks[/size]

Parenting: 90%
Intro. to Marketing: 85%
Travel & Tourism: 96%
Intro. to Anthropology, Sociology, Psych: 65%
Chemistry: 61%
Media Arts: 88%
Accounting: 84%
English: 90%
Functions: 65%

[size=7]Grade 12 Marks[/size]

English: 95%
Advanced Functions: 91%
Business Leadership: 93%
Calculus & Vectors: 90% (Projected)
Economics: 92% (Projected)
International Business: 94% (Projected)

[size=7]Extra-Curricular Activities[/size]

- DECA & Athletic Association (School Clubs/Joined in the beginning of grade 12)
- Part-time job at a retail merchandies store (The Real Canadian Superstore/Worked for 8 months so far)
- 50+ volunteer hours at 3-4 different events

[size=7]Personal Statement 60 mins, 400 words (Completed)[/size]

- Noticed a couple of minor punctuation/grammar mistakes after submitting it
- Question was "How do you plan to contribute to the Rotman Commerce community?"
- Sort of answered it by saying I will continue to be involved in the ECs they offer
- Focused heavily and more on the leadership, communication, self-motivation, skills I learned from my ECs that I been a part of so far (DECA & Athletic Association)
- Mentioned learning the importance of management from my part-time job
- Basically, focused more on the skills I learned from my ECs instead of listing the things I would do to contribute to the Rotman Commerce community

I know that Schools such as Schulich & Queens focus intensely on the supplementary app just as much as they do for academics. Same case for Rotman? Will they ignore some mistakes and not fully answering the question since I showed the importance of my ECs and management? Also with my grade 12 avgs (92+) later on in the year? ALSO, I did not mention exactly how many hours I did for the volunteer events.

WILL I GET INTO ROTMAN COMMERCE? I will appreciate your HONEST opinions. Thank you so much!
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You should delete this, I bet more people are going to look at the old one, so no point creating an identical post.
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