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Admission to U of T St George Life Science: English concerns...

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Hi there,

I'm planning to apply to University of Toronto St. George for their Life Sciences programme. It says that they pay particular attention to English and Calculus marks. I have a final mark of 94 for Data Management, 94 for Int'l Business, as well as Mid-term marks of 95 for Adv Functions, 89 for Physics, 94 for Biology and 95 for Philosophy. I have English, Chemistry and Calculus next semester.

The question is, given that they pay "particular attention" to English, what is the bare minimum English mark I should get before I can get an offer of acceptance? My English grade was merely above average last year, and some of my friends with English this semester have Class Averages in the high 60s to low 70s. Will I get an offer if my English is like, 75?

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A photo of senioriatultraman senioriatultraman
Don't worry, my English mark is EXACTLY 75, and they let me in. I also had a 77 Chem on top of that, whoever my other courses are fine. Don't worry too much about it, as long as your other courses are 90+, you have a good chance getting in. I hope that helps.

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