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Admissions at Queens.. ?

A photo of GabyP GabyP
Hi, everyone!
Alright, so here's the deal.
I know I'm at the slower end of the spectrum as far as applying is concerned, but right before I pushed submit on my OUAC application last night, something occurred to me. My three program choices are as follows: Queens for Science, Queens for Concurrent Education in Music, and Western for Nursing. I know that Queens does not send alternate offers of admission other than for Music and one other program which eludes me at the moment, but do you know if they send more than one offer of admission if I apply to two separate programs, and if, by some miracle, I get accepted to both programs? Or would they only send one offer of admission for my first choice?
The problem is, I'm juggling between Con Ed Music and Science, and I'm worried that if I put my top choice as science, I'll realize later on that I would have preferred having concurrent education as my first choice, if I can only be accepted into one of these programs.
Who else is thinking of applying to Queens?
Best of luck to you all!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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A photo of cherrypie725 cherrypie725
I'm almost positive that they would send out two separate offers.

Also, good luck with your application to con ed music! Haha if that sounded sarcastic it wasn't meant to. It's just that I know it's such a small program.
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A photo of GabyP GabyP
ahaha, no, I didn't take that as being sarcastic, thank you so much !
Yes, it's an incredibly small program, but I'm hoping for the best!
Good for you for being nominated for the Chancellors award, that's an achievement on it's own, be proud :)
Is Queens your top choice?
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