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Admissions Question

A photo of kzos kzos
Hello, I am from BC and I just applied to Queens Science, and the site says they take 2 science 12's, math 12 and english to calculate your average. my marks are as follows

Math 12: 92
Bio 12: 93
Chem 12: 91
English 12: 81
Calc 12: 87
Physics 12: 77

I completed physics 12 last year and as you can see its my worst mark. It is the only course I have completed out of all of them so i was wondering will they still only take my top 3 plus english? and if they do will the bad physics mark even matter?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Uhmmmm from my understanding, schools in Ontario take your top SIX including your 4 pre-reqs.. So unless you had other courses other than phys.. they will take it into calculation.
But if you had another course that's higher than phys, they won't look at it.
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A photo of kzos kzos
It says bc students only need 4 academic 12 courses even for general admission it's really weird it seems that it's lower for bc students for some reason. It doesn't say anywhere that u need six
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Are you sure?
I know BC schools only take 4..
but I'm pretty sure Ontario schools take 6, unless Queens is different.
I know for Waterloo, they took my top 6.. same for U of T as well.
Let me just double check..
You're right.. Queens only needs 4.. Eng, Math, and 2 Sciences.. O:
That's insane.
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