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Admission/Transcripts Questions

A photo of sixdays sixdays
1) Has anyone from BC sent their transcripts in yet? Do you just get your school to send them to the university? I think I'm going to do mine in two weeks, after exams.

2) After sending in transcripts, and assuming all other documents have been submitted, how long can one expect to wait for a decision? Acceptances for the universities I applied to begin in a few weeks and my average is mid-90s. Do you think I'll know by March?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
If you mean for just BC schools, you can self report for SFU now..
UBC you can self report in March..
UVic you can self report in.. Feb? Forgot about that one..
If you mean for east coast schools, you have to get your school to send them directly to the institution.

It depends on where you applied, some schools are faster than others. But with a 90 something average, you should hear back by March, even earlier if you've already sent in your transcripts.
I hope your ECs are just as impressive as your marks, eastern schools tend to look at your ECs as well.
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