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Admitted pending final results MCGILL

A photo of jenyouwin jenyouwin
My friend got accepted with "admitted pending final result" for desautels mcgill. does this mean they are waiting until the confirm the marks from the midterm(which he will be mailing soon to them) or are they going to confirm the final marks in june. he is confused because he doesn't want to accept the offer and have it revoked if he drops one percent or something.

what should the average he should maintain be? the one he submitted? (94% ish?)
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A photo of prmly prmly
I asked my friends at McGill about this, too, and they said that as long as I pass all my classes, I should be fine.
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A photo of Zion Zion
I think it means they check it against your final marks. But unless your average drops significantly (5%+), you shouldn't worry about it.
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