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Advanced Functions help!!!!

A photo of sagardave sagardave
Hi, I'm in my final year of high school and taking advanced function in my first semester.
I was wondering if any one finished advanced functions still have their tests. Or even if u are taking it and have other peoples's test, can u please share it with me. That wiuld be greatly appreciated. I really need it for some extra practice.

Thank you
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A photo of ForeverPi ForeverPi
won't it be better for you to ask ppl who have taken g12 advanced functions already in your school? Then you will sort of know how your math teacher will test you.

srry that i can't help since i'm also taking advanced functions atm
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A photo of Phase Phase
I don't think that is necessary. Advanced functions is a very very easy course, probably one of the easiest grade 12 classes. Seriously, just memorize the log and exponential rules, trig identities, graphs of trig functions, composition of functions, the general behavior of polynomial graphs, and memorize certain algorithms such as polynomial long division, and you'll score 90+ easily.
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