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Advanced Functions Second Semester!

A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
I am really not doing well in advanced functions, and am debating to re-take it next semester in night school! How would that whole process work when applying to universities. Will they look down on it?
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If you aren't doing well now, are you confident that you'll be able to do much better next semester in night school? Keep in mind you'll have less time for all your courses if you take something in night school. The process when applying is pretty much the same. Some places look down on it, some don't. Some schools say that advanced functions don't have to be in your top six. Which schools are you interested in?
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A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
I think I need to go pedal to the metal stop procrastinating and work my @ss off! I mean I have five tests! An exam and a culminating left I KNOWi can at least finish with a 75! or 70!

But I am looking at going to Western, Mac, Uoft for business (commerce) and Queens for arts( Economics)

Thanks a lot!:bball:
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