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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
Hey guys,

I'm an IB Diploma student and was told (by the McGill recruiter who visited my school) that IB students could skip a year. But the McGill site says I can only get six (usually) credit for each HL course (that's only 3 at my school).

So, how many is it? I emailed the admissions office, and they refuse to tell me until I register at McGill, but whether I can skip a year or not is actually important to my decision.

Anyone who studies at McGill who could fill me in?
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Cola, agree the McGill web site is not exact. When you dig deeper into the calendar it is different for different faculties. There is also differences of whether you can claim them as an "exemption" only or also as a transfer credit.

My read is that unless you are going into a very general Arts program, you would not be able to get a whole years worth of exemption.

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A photo of deca4life deca4life
Well it also depends on what courses you take. If you take HL math, you'd be getting 12 credits, and HL chem will get you 8 credits. Considering you took something else like HL english or french, you'd get another 6, for a total of 26 credits. You could always take an extra course for a semester.

However, one of my friends is being exempted from first year because she also has HL history, which is also suppose to give you 12 credits...but don't take my word for that.

I guess it really matters about courses you are taking at the moment.
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
OK, so for specifics, I take

HL Chem (predicted 7, should get it)
HL A1 English (predicted 7, probably won't get it)
HL European History (predicted 7, might get it)

All others are SLs, and judging from the McGill site, IB HLs lead to about 3-6 credits, so where did you find those bigger numbers?

And I might take Arts, but I'm also still considering Desautels (got into both, so it's passion vs. pragmatics now)...how will this affect it?

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A photo of moodeline moodeline
Okay, I'm in the exact same situation, I have friends that have been in the situation before, and basically like the poster above said unless you're in super, super general arts, you will definitely not be able to skip a year, most places are not super great about it. UVic and Concordia are two that I know of where you definitely can skip first year, but you need pre-requisites for second year classes that you need to get in first year that you don't get from IB.
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
Nice. I figured it was a marketing tactic on McGill's part. I know no other schools promise that much credit, so I didn't expect it from them.

Any idea on how much I can skip...and how big a difference the program will make?
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
Bump? Anyone know anything?
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
cola dude - you are asking specific questions that cannot be answered here by random people. Your 3 listed IB courses are not going to total to 30 so you won't skip a whole year.

If you seriously are making your University decision on this, then get on the telephone with McGill admissions (not email) and explain your question. They may give you answers, or it may come down to the specific faculty that you are applying to as to what they will accept.

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A photo of Konn2011 Konn2011

@moodeline wrote
unless you're in super, super general arts, you will definitely not be able to skip a year

And, if money is no problem, then refuse the credits and just take the 100-level courses just so you'll ace them. Keeping your GPA up is never a bad thing!
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
GPA thing-true, but wouldn't having less courses (because I'm pretty sure I can't skip a year) do more for my GPA because of time? Also, money does matter to me.

I don't understand why people would assume I'm stupid enough not to contact McGill. I did and they don't calculate these things until you've already registered. Of course randoms won't know anything, but people who have already done this will, and I'm sure there are a few.

Finally, this pisses me off mainly because of the false advertising. I assumed I would only get a couple of credits worth even if I did do 'super general arts,' but two different McGill reps told me otherwise.
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A photo of Lilianah Lilianah
Wattta up people!
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