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Advice for exchange (Trent)

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Hi, I'm considering attending Trent in 2013 (winter semester). I was wondering what your advice would be regarding where I should live.

I will be 21 years old and not exactly used to living in this sort of arrangement (though I have lived in an apartment with 5 other people before).

Should I live on campus? If so, where?
Or should I live off campus? (Or in that Trent rez that is owned by Trent but is downtown)Since I won't know anyone in the whole country let alone the university, I need to make sure that I will be making friends, etc. Would that still be possible if I was to live off campus?

All I know is that I definitely don't want to share a room with another person.

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It's not impossible to make friends if you live off campus. Just make sure you get involved in student groups that interest you. For someone coming on an exchange, looking into events run by the Trent International Students Association might get you some friends. It's just really important that you put yourself in a position where you can make friends. Start conversations before or after class with people. Go to social gatherings if you're invited. Overall, just do what you can to have a good time!
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Thank you, but do you have any thoughts on the best place for me to live?
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Thinking things over, I think those apartments downtown are your best bet. Although they are a bit more expensive than other living arrangements you could find on your own, there are several advantages to living there. First, you are coming on an exchange only so you might not want to rent a place with no furniture considering you'll have to get rid of it when you leave if you buy furniture. Also, you may find the Canada is different than wherever you live now so adjusting might be a tad difficult. Trent has support staff living in those apartments to check in on your and give you advice for things that you may find confusing or different. Finally, you are 21 so if you're going to have friends the same age as you they will probably be living downtown closer to the apartments than the campus so it'll be more convenient for you socially. Also, most leases start in May, not January when you'd be coming. That means your selection of where to live would be poor (and you probably wouldn't be able to look at the place before you move in, which is probably a bit risky).

Let me know if you have any other questions!
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