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Advice from ppls of the interwebs! (Waterloo students especially :D)

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Hello there people of the interwebs, I require your guidance! If any of you are in UW especially for ENG and even more specifically SYDE then could you please share your insight on the following:

Do you think it is possible for me to double major at UW within System Design Engineering and Computer Science.
My plan is to take an extra course during co-op terms (or two courses if possible), and to use a bulk of if not all of the 12 electives I am given and then to take an extra term if necessary. My reasoning is well.... well because i cannot decide between the two; I love computing and I love the idea of taking an education which centres on the unification of interdisciplinary studies for the purpose of creating awesome things. So i'd appreciate any insight you might have on making this goal possible for me :D, thanks!
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Im pretty sure the answer is no. Also, you will have a difficult time taking courses during your co-op term, as no computer science courses are offered online, and I believe very few (if any) engineering courses are offered online.

http://www.systems.uwaterloo.ca/undergrad/current/degree/core.html Here are the courses for SYDE, im not too sure where you could fit in any CS courses on campus either.
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