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Advice on Decision for Next Year - PLEASE HELP!

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I am really torn between choosing between environment&business/urban planning at Waterloo or to do design at York. I tried making a list of pros/cons, was wondering if I could get some advice on my decision.

1. York Design
- One of the top programs in Canada, great facilities.
- I've done art my whole life.
- Internships available.
- I will have to commute.
- I don't like York as a school, the atmosphere is cold.
- Hard to be successful in art.

2. Urban Planning or Environment&Business
- Somewhat of a "university" experience.
- A lot of potential in the future, safe choice
- Co-op
- Business Aspect
- Not a well known program
- I'm probably more passionate about design.

With either programs, I'm thinking perhaps I could transfer over to Ivey for 3rd year, since I always wanted to do business. I never planned ahead in HS, so I screwed myself over in terms of marks. I'm just really unsure of what I want to do.

So advice? thanks :)
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Check to see if either program will allow you to take the equivalent of Business 2257 (at Western) at your school- it's usually 2 or 3 courses.
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
I'd go with Planning. Of course, you might not think you're as passionate about it, but there seems to be enough of a gateway to it from art. And it provides something more solid than design, as well as Waterloo's co-op can help set you up for the future. Of course, if you want to go to Ivey, this seems too like the most practical choice.
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I would suggest looking at the undergraduate calendars at each university for the programs and looking at the courses that you will be taking. If one really seems like it is exactly what you want then go for that one.

Another important thing is the atmosphere at the university. Hopefully you've visted both campuses - one probably felt like a better fit.

All in all, while success after university is important, taking a program you aren't 100% committed to isn't going to help. You need to have passion to really succeed, so make the decision absed on what feels right and let the future sort itself out as you come to it.
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A photo of maggie2092 maggie2092
As much as I'd like to say follow your heart, and do whatever "feels" right, you also must consider which is the most practical.
The planning would probably be the most beneficial in the long term. If you're offered a co-op, that can really help get your career moving, especially in tough economic times. You also mentioned that you'd have to commute to York. Is this something you want to do? Would this give you your true university, undergraduate experience? However, York is an extremely commendable university and offers many great things to you as a student.
You've got some serious thinking to do. Best of luck in your decision making, and in your future!
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