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aeo status question

A photo of sunny1011 sunny1011
hey so i really want to do the hba program at western
and so i was hoping to get aeo status as i apply this fall the problem is that my english mark was an 80 and will bring my avg down to 87 - 90ish
so is it still possible to get aeo status with a high 80 avg?
my ec's are filled with political canvassing and political campaign involvement also with countless hours of volunteering at fundraisers and temple along with involvement at several clubs at school and have a successful hobby of trading on the stock market with my own money
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Yes it's 87% and above. Your grades are 50% and your extracurriculars, community involvement, etc. make up the other 50%.

People with 87's have gotten in while people with mid-low 90s have been rejected. Just do your supplementary essay really well.
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A photo of sherrybloosm sherrybloosm
I agree with Username81. My high school average was in the mid to high 80s range, and I didn't have any exec positions on school clubs (my school did not offer any). But I did have many regional and international awards, plus stellar work experience. My essays were..well....different to say the least haha.

Univerisy of Western Ontario
Class of 2015
BMOS with AEO Status
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