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A photo of iveyguy iveyguy
Hey Guys,

Second year course selection is quickly approaching, and I need to figure out my electives. I have two elective spaces now, and I was womdering if I could get some help. As of now, I am thinking of:

Astronomy 2022A: Origin of the Universe
Speech 2001?: Forms of Oral Discourse
Geography 2045A: Russia+Soviet Union
Writing 2111F: Professional Writing

Keep in mind, I'm an english Major (declared until Ivey), so I am not looking for something that is too math or science driven.

Looking for 85%+

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A photo of Alexkesz Alexkesz
Hey, I'm gonna take speech next year i think, wed and Fridays at 1030. I herd its supposed to be a really good class and considering public speaking is a huge asset i see no downside.
I might take professional writing instead though if they allow me to take econ 2300 A at kings, its only available to kings students which is bullshit.
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A photo of Scottylin Scottylin
Hey Guys, just thought I'd chip in for funsies and helpfulness (I dont normally post but thought I could help here).

I got into Ivey this year with AEO status and I took both Speech and Origins. Speech CAN be great if you have the right prof, but there are discrepancies between the Professors. I had Prof. Shaw this year and he was quite good.

Origins however, is MUCH less work than Speech in the sense that a nice 20 % chunk of the mark is allocated based on class clickers.

I think you could pull an 85% + in Origins. While you most certainly could get 80s in Speech as well, it might be a detriment to your other courses if your Prof makes you type out and hand in the speeches you perform (which is a speech ever 2-3 weeks). Makes you busy especially if you give like a 12 minute Speech.

Cheers and best of luck for 2nd year.
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A photo of Scottylin Scottylin
Sorry correction, I took SEARCH for life in the Universe. I know someone who has taken Origins and apparently its even easier. I ended with an 86 and I was happy with that.

Classical Mythology and Classical Sports are also classes to consider. 85+ guaranteed if you keep with the readings. Very linear....more ttime reading directly correlates with higher grades. I ended with an 85 in Myth but my friends got 86 and 90.
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