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aerospace engineering at ryerson

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So i got into Ryerson for aerosapce engineering, I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was a co-op or internship program. I e-mailed them but am yet to receive a response. I heard they do co-ops with NASA in which case I might actually go there. Just wondering if anyone knew the truth. crap claim to fame: my friends dad is a prof in the program lol
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So when I asked about a co-op/internship, they said they had an internship, but its like a co-op. It's called the Industrial Internship Program. Also, specifically for Aerospace Engineering, they have RIADI. (Im not sure what the acronym means, but you can google it) and essentially its a co-op program for Aerospace Engineers. From what I've researched, you can't be an intern for NASA unless you are an American citizen, and for me personally, I've contacted contractors who work with NASA who accept out of country interns/co-op students.
Hope this helped!
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