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Aerospace Engineering?

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So, I've been accepted to Aerospace Engineering at both Ryerson, and Carleton (with Co-op)and I have no clue which one I should accept.
As well, I have been accepted to McMaster for general engineering with co-op
and Waterloo, for Mechanical Engineering with co-op.
So, i'm just wondering what i should accept, because I don't want to have an undergrad in aerospace and have no job whatsoever,
even though aerospace is what i have always wanted to do!

Therefore, can someone outline the pros/cons of each?

Thanks for your help :)
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A photo of inyoface inyoface
If you are an aerospace engineer and you want to work strictly in the aerospace industry, you would find that your prospective employers are a lot more limited than those of a mechanical engineer who wants to work strictly as a mechanical engineer. That said, you do cover the fundamentals of mechanical engineering in aerospace, so you can most likely get mechanical engineering jobs as well.
While the two are somewhat interchangeable, an employer looking to hire for a mechanical engineering position (for example), would most likely give preference to an mechanical engineering as opposed to an aerospace engineer.
As a point of interest, a lot of the aerospace engineers from UofT (read: engsci aero grads) and Ryerson end up working for MARS in downtown Toronto, a lot of these people also end up doing grad school.
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