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AFM-FM vs. Rotman

A photo of hellokitty hellokitty
Hi! I just got accepted to AFM-FM last week.
I wanna be a CA in the future. Is it harder to become a CA if i pick AFM-FM instead of Rotman? Which one is better?
For AFM-FM...
If i find any job from the companies or government from the 2nd or 3rd list on this website for my co-op,
will the hrs/ months still count towards my 30 months work experience??
Thanks for the great help!:cheers:
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Yes, as long as you are at a CA Training Office, your hours will be counted. As an FM student, you are not limited to the jobs in the second and third list, you can still apply to public accounting firms (more CATOs). You just won't have access to JobMine (the recruiters).
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A photo of hellokitty hellokitty
Does it mean that i can't find a job through the recruitment in university of waterloo??
So i will have to send my letter or finding a job on my own for co-op????
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