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After undergrad in Canada

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I posted a similar thread in School Spirit but didn’t get as many responses as I hoped to.

I’m wondering if going to a school like McMaster, Western or Queen’s, as opposed to the McGill/UTSG/UBC tier, would hurt my chances with a decent grad school or employer in the US. Obviously they’re good schools, but they’re not very well-known in the US. I feel like I’d prefer to attend one of these smaller schools where students, in general, are happier, rather than one of the three research giants. But I’m afraid it might ruin my prospects of studying/working outside of Canada. Any thoughts?
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Many American students come to Canada for their undergraduate degrees and then hop over the border and go to graduate school at home. The education here is much cheaper. As long as your grades meet their requirements, they will take you.

What is wrong with doing your grad studies here in Canada though?
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It's not so much about what university you attended for your undergraduate degree, but rather what you got out of it and how you market yourself after graduation. That's great if you attended McGill, but if the only thing you have to show for it is a decent average, while your buddy at Ottawa completed three internships, participated in student government, published a paper, got research experience under a faculty supervisor, spoke at conferences in his subject area, completed a full year exchange in France and is now fluent, and started his own project or business, guess who will be favoured?

If you plan on attending an American university for grad school, you will have to write the GRE anyway, so it really doesn't matter where you completed your undergrad.
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^ +1

Where you went for undergrad is just a small component of your resume/CV. That being said, I'm sure you'd find a solid correlation between reputation of a person's undergraduate school/program and any measure of that person's success, but that's just because the smarter you are, the more likely you are to go to a reputable undergraduate school/program.
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If you obtain high marks and keep consistent EC's, I am sure that will not a be a major issue in terms of wanting to apply to Ivy League schools...
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