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Alberta First-Year Residence - Lister or HUB?

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Hello! I'm going to the University of Alberta in September, and I don't know whether to choose Lister Centre or HUB for residence. I've read over the details for each, and I applied for HUB really early on, but I can still apply for Lister and get the first-year housing guarantee.

So, some questions:

How are the living conditions for each? (cleanliness, safety)
How much does it cost on average to live in each residence?
How are the quiet floors at Lister?

And finally, how much does rez experience depend on your roommate quality?
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A photo of stoichiometry stoichiometry
I'm also going to UofA this September and I applied only for Lister. It's a classic dorm-type residence, while HUB is an unfurnished apartment type residence.

I've been to both places, and from my limited knowledge I'd say that HUB is cleaner than Lister. But Lister seems funner.
Safety... I don't know, both places are safe in my opinion, unless you think that living in the same building as the mall (HUB) is a factor.

Prices are on the website.

Quiet floors... I don't know much about them. However, I'm thinking whether to choose a science cohort floor or not.

I don't really want a roommate, so I'm hoping to get a single room. Probably though, if you hate your roommate, you will hate living the residence.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Lister is a million times funner than HUB. HUB is known to house a lot of Asians who don't speak a lot of English. I even knew a Chinese exchange student who switched from HUB to Lister because he wanted to learn English, and couldn't do so in HUB.

Lister is pretty wild though. I never lived in res, but I have heard stories, and have hung out with Listerites. It's definitely your typical dorm experience, that's for sure. Not sure how the quite floors are. Wish I could help you more, never lived there, but knew many who did (including my boyfriend)
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A photo of Phoebzter Phoebzter
There is a very similar discussion you might want to check out here: http://www.reddit.com/r/uAlberta/comments/s3nei/lister_or_hub_for_firstyear_residence/
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