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All Things Football (European)

A photo of xphat xphat

Who's been keeping up to date with the January transfers?
Torres to Chelsea possibly?

I'm more of an English Premier League-r... but I'm up for anything footy.
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A photo of moshkeri moshkeri
MAnchester City lost WTF
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
:( :(
I love Liverpool. And Torres. I don't want him to leave. All my favourites always leave..Owen, Alonso, and now Torres.
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A photo of xphat xphat
Torres left! I'm anticipating Sundays game now.. You never know, Suarez and Caroll may be a good addition to the team!
EPL wasn't normal with Liverpool losing anyway lol.

City with ANOTHER draw.. Shocking. Thought they had that one in the bag lol!

Man United..rooney is back. Wohoooooo! Hahah
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
I'm disgusted with Torres' actions, so I'm glad he left. In fact, I feel that Carrol and Suarez will do much better for our team than him, especially under Dalglish.

I can't wait until Sunday's match.
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