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Alternate Offer @ UofT Scarborough?

A photo of WolfDale WolfDale
I applied for two programs @ UofT, 1. Rotman (I had never actually gotten around to completing the supplementary essay, was going to do that tomorrow for sure), and 2. Comp Sci at Scarborough.

Now about half an hour ago, I got an alternate offer saying that I got accepted into Social Science at UofT Scarbrough, but that's it...

Here's the email,
"We are delighted to inform you that you have been offered admission to the Social
Sciences program at the University of Toronto Scarborough for the 2012 Fall academic
year.An official letter, including the terms and conditions of your offer, has been
mailed to you. You may visit Join U of T (http://join.utoronto.ca) at any time to
view customized information about this offer of admission. [...]."

What program did I get an offer at UofT (Social Science)? IT looks like it's an alternative to Comp Sci because I selected Comp Sci as my second choice, and it fell right on third.

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I've been seeing a lot of people getting alternate offers to Social Sci, what the heck LOL?

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A photo of WolfDale WolfDale
And to make matters worse, if it were psychology, I would at least be interested. Psychology isn't part of the faculty of Social Sciences at UofT Scarborough... Sadly.

I guess it's because no one applied to S.S.
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Yeah Psychology is apart of Life Sciences at all U of T campuses, either way I'm guessing social sciences is just an under-subscribed program.
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