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Am I at a disadvantage?

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I was wondering if I would be at a disadvantage going into a business program having taken the following courses for grade 12:

Advanced Functions
Food and Nutrition
Exercise Science

I also had no business related courses in grade 11.
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A photo of g93 g93
Not a big disadvantage. Some first year courses are pretty much the same as Gr 12 courses (Accounting), so having taken it will help. Do you need to? No. Does it make it easier? Most likely. Huge difference? Probably not, depends on the person too.

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A photo of igill igill
No you won't be at a disadvantage. Many University courses offer programs that are equivalent to the ones you would take in High School. This just means that you would take that course first and then take the proper university course for you program.

This means that you are going to end up taking an extra course or 2 to make up for not taking any in high school :)

its not a big deal because many people do it :)

Good luck !
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A photo of Mar Mar
No, you won't be at disadvantage. These courses keep your doors open. If you'll change your mind about business you can always go to engineering.
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No, business doesn't have any prerequisites except eng& math. So they shouldn't be expecting students to know everything about business.
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