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Am I pretty much screwed for UofT Comp Sci?

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My midterms are going in next week, and I have pretty much all my marks set, so here, what are my chances at UofTSG Comp Sci.

English - 78 (Midterm)
Calculus - 83 (Final)
Adv Func - 90 (Final)
Comp Sci - 90 (Midterm)
World Issues - 90 (Midterm)
Chemistry - 77 (Final)

Average : 85

The reason I think I'm screwed is that English mark. Which honestly I'm REALLY angry about. I thought it was gonna be higher but my teacher is honestly the harder marker in the school, and it shows because our class average is 70%. I wish I took another bird course to boost my average, and honestly I'm just hoping I get in by a slim. I'm just really worried now since UofT takes English seriously. I tried my best in English but I can't do anything with my teacher.

/end rant

Sorry for that
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I hope you get in because I'm basically in the same situation as you though besides that my calculus marks is maybe a 70% and my English is an 85% or so. I hope that they will still consider you if you have a bad mark in either english or calculus.
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I think an 85% average is good enough for UT CS. Don't take my word for it but just relax and hope for that acceptance letter! Good luck!
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I agree, you should not have a problem getting in with those marks. Helpful if the class average was reflected on your midterms.
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