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Am I screwed into oblivion? I need clarification!

A photo of Sudunno Sudunno
I need to know how applications work, from most people I've heard that they take your 12/U/M marks from the first semester of grade 12 and the midterms of you second semester in grade 12, take the pre-reqs and top marks to form 6.

However some people have told me they only take your first semester marks and simply look at the marks in your next semester to decide. The thing is I already have a grade 12 mark (advanced functions) and this semester I have calculus english and food and nutrition.

My issue is that I DONT want my calculus mark in my top six, I screwed up REALLY badly (barely hanging on to a 70%). So would it impact me if I don't have calculus in my FINAL top six? Should I just drop calculus? My friend told me to tough it out and just pass the course so I don't have to take it again in university. Since it'll be a completed course and universities won't see it.

I REALLY want to get into University of Waterloo's Co-Op Kin program
I'm simply really bad at math, but excellent in English, and all the sciences (including chemistry and physics which requires math, weird isn't it?)

Do I have a good chance to get in with a 85-86% average? If not do they care if I retake advanced functions in private school/night school?

I have a 75% in advanced functions, currently 86 in English midterm and a 88 in Food and Nutrition midterm, I'm estimating I'll end up with a 85 in English 90 in Food and Nutrition, 95 in Classical Civiiations, 90 in biology, and 88 in chemistry. Do I even have a chance?

I'm seriously stressed that math is going to ruin my entire academic life! (I get all the concepts, I can literally teach the smartest people in the class how to do TIPS questions, but I can't do 5 basic knowledge questions without making alejebra mistakes in 3/5 of them!)
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
It's not that complex.
They just take whatever grade 12 U marks are your highest. If the class is a prerequisite for the program, that class's mark is automatically considered.

Let's check out Waterloo's kinesiology program.

Required courses

Advanced Functions
one of Biology or Physics
A final grade of at least 70% is normally required in each of these courses

Low 80s (regular)
Mid 80s (co-op)

Aha. That means, Functions, Chemistry, and Physics and/or Bio will FOR SURE be used in calculation of the admission average for this course.
Then, whatever three other marks are highest will be used.
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A photo of Sudunno Sudunno
Do you know if mid 80s is the CUTOFF or the recommended average?
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour

@Sudunno wrote
Do you know if mid 80s is the CUTOFF or the recommended average?

I don't believe Waterloo has a concrete cut off. I know for Engineering, the AIF is important and can still get you an offer of admission even if your admission average is on the lower end. The same probably applies for Kinesiology.

As for your Calculus mark, as it is not required, and will not be in your Top 6 unless your other grade 12 courses have lower marks. If Calculus is one of your Top 6, then it will be used in your admission average, but if this is the case then you probably want Calculus in your average rather than whatever other courses are lower, right?
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