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Am I Screwed?? Lifesci/Biomed program

A photo of Red2hawk Red2hawk
Hey guys, I'm currently a grade 12 student Taking Exercise Science, Chemistry, Biology, ADV Functions, Calc & Vec, and English

My ONLY problem is that... I dont have a 3U or 4U Physics credit.. I took physics for about 2 months, slacked off and had a 70, and dropped it in grade 11. (was a credit ahead)

I Know that going into sciences, Physics is required OR recommended, and i will do MY BEST to try to get a basic understanding of physics during the summer (self-study ofcourse), but how far will this take me???

I really want to go into Pharm, and i'm applieng to York - Biomed, U of t Georges - Life sci, and Macmaster - Life sciences.

How badly will me not having physics affect my grades? Can i manage without physics? Has anybody taken the courses at university for those students have don't have 4U physics creds? If so how is it?

Also a little fact, hehe Students taking bio at my school = 80
Students taking chem at my school = 70
Students taking Phys at my school = 35

Highest mark in physics in my school RIGHT NOW is 80... Considering that the people in that physics class are very smart..

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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
You don't need physics for most life sci programs (actually I don't know of any that require it).

I didn't have 4U physics and I got into all the health/life sci programs I applied to. I ended up taking a physics course in uni for students without 4U physics and it was super easy (though a waste of time, I only took it for the MCAT and really I could've done without it).
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A photo of ForeverPi ForeverPi
i don't think there are any life science courses that require physics, although it is recommended.

It also depends on the program you are planning to take. If you haven't taken 4U physics, some programs will require you to take a physics course that teaches g11/12 physics.

So don't worry too much about not taking physics in high school.
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