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Am I screwed?

A photo of faizafayy faizafayy
Im a grade 12 student and Im taking 7 courses this year, already taken two previously which were advanced functions - 80, and calculus - 81. Im applying to psychology at utm which doesnt require science at all but im already taking bio and chem this semester and its too late to drop it. I know im going to do bad because they are both very hard classes and im wondering if if doing bad in these 2 classes this semester will screw me over. next semester im taking world issues, law and english,and which i am confident i will do well in so will messing up in bio and chem screw me over?

i think my top 6 will probably end up including

World Issues
Drama 90 (so far)
Advanced Functions 80
Calculus 81

so will bio and chem screw me over..... sorry for rambling this is stressing me out alot
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A photo of MrRoboto MrRoboto
If they aren't in your top 6 how would they "screw you over"? And I thought that you could drop classes all they way until around mid-term. Or maybe that is different depending on the region.
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A photo of Viking21 Viking21
You should be able to drop the course. Unless you that credit to graduate. Looks like you can drop one but I don't know if you failed a course in your previous years or if you took summer school.
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