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An International student from HK applying UBC and McGill

A photo of imahnick imahnick
So... im a Secondary School(similar to high school)student from Hong Kong. I have applied for UBC land and food system and McGill human nutrition, but haven't got ANY feedback yet, and I believe most of u guys who applied for them do know if they accept u already......:pale:
Of course, as an international applicant

And my question is: What's the chance of me getting into either one of them?

I mean I have been waiting "patiently", checking the SSC every single day, but im freaking out as i have no idea of how my profile is in the eyes of the admission. I believe that the local students in Canada and the international students are actually on separate "queue" and heard that the admission actually (not sure about this) offer a relatively lower admission requirement to inter. students because of money, but to what extent does it actually contribute to?

My grades are fine when compared to other students in HK but when it comes to comparing to those HS students in Canada, it's another thing, after all, it's a completely different system, not sure if u guys are interested in knowing my academic performance:

The 4 Core Subjects:
Chinese Lv4
English Lv5
Maths Lv4 (with extended part Lv3)
Liberal Studies Lv5

Biology Lv5
Chemistry Lv5

(From lowest Lv1 to highest Lv5, plus Lv5* Lv5** which are the top 30% and 10% of Lv5 respectively)

While UBC requires:
the 4 Core Subjects: 3322
Electives: 4 and 5

Well actually the above statistics is just the predicted levels of the public examination that im having these days as the real one's result that im taking right now will be released in Jul, so it's too late then for them to decide whether they accept me. And it is based on the mock exam in Jan

But there are some problems here:
Apart from the public exam result, UBC require me to provide the internal transcript in the pass few years, but i got only like...68-72% on average:pale::pale::pale:
But the point is it is good enough for me to get good grades in public exam already.
After all the syllabus im taking is much harder, even way harder than IB for subjects like Bio, Chem and Maths...And i dont think that the admission realizes this...

Also, how important is EC Activities? I dont know whether mine can be counted as good or fair only...I have been a St.John Cadet for over 5 years, with tons of volunteering works, like over 250 hrs, and Drama Club member for 5 years as well
but again, to what extent does it actually enhance my chance of getting in?

For McGill, it is super wired...They haven't require me of the predicted public exam result...I wanna give them right away but the problem is they told me NOT to give them the information they need unless they require, and will inform me if they need so
The only materials they had asked me to give them is IELTS (I got 7.0) and internal transcript in the pass few years...So how the heck can they decide whether to accept me or not??!! I mean it's April now!!

Sorry for my poor English :O
So could anyone answer my questions?
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A photo of mpietros mpietros
Hey there! I'm a Canadian student also applying to UBC as well. I can't say I know everything, but I'll try to help you out with whatever I do know :)

First off, you're right in that the international and domestic student admissions are done at different times. I know for sure that many international students have already received acceptance offers to the Science Faculty (as well as others). Because of this (and I'm not entirely sure on this), the entrance average may be lower for international students. But of course, you're still competing with other international students.

From what I can tell, your marks are fairly good this year, so I wouldn't worry too much about them. Even though your average may have been slightly lower in past years, that's alright. For a final admission to UBC, high school students in Canada are evaluated on their Grade 12 marks only, so I'd assume it would be similar for international students. They need that transcript for the past few years so they can see what courses you have completed. Aside from that, entry to Land and Food Systems typically has a lower entrance average than other programs as well. And finally, UBC will take into consideration the difficulty of your syllabus, especially if it's harder than IB as you say! :)

Personal profiles are more important this year at UBC. You have a fairly good number of volunteer hours, and your extracurricular activities show that you're well-rounded and committed, which will help your application for sure.

So overall, I'd say you shouldn't be worrying too much about UBC. If lots of other applicants had a higher average than you, then you may have missed the first admission round, but don't worry! There's still lots of time left for an offer to come!

And that's about all I can say, as I don't know much about McGill. Good luck with all of your applications though! :)
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A photo of imahnick imahnick
Thanks :cheese:
And do u know how many inter. students does UBC take each year?
I mean like accept how many students from how many applicants?
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A photo of mpietros mpietros
You're very welcome!
I don't know of any official number that they will accept, but according to the UBC info package, there were just over 5000 international students this past winter term.
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A photo of imahnick imahnick
Besides...As what said that a lot of international students applying Science have already received offers right? So do know if that's early admission or what? I mean like is that becos they did superbly in their studies or just simply becos they sumit the application so early? Im just wondering that if there is anything to do with the date of submitting it as I submitted it like...Jan 28 :P im thinking if this is why...

Also, according to UBC SSC, they said that they will tell u if they have reviewed ur application, did you receive any of the messaging saying like they reviewing ur's? Because there is like nothing's going on in my account-,-......not even a message from the mail or whatever(well there's actually one, the virtual open thing-_- so it doesn't really count..) Anyway im just wondering if that's because they still need any supplemetary material or what......(or am I just thinking to much about again?)
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