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Anthro + Classical History + Language = Good Combo?

A photo of heylooklisten heylooklisten

So I applied to Social Sciences at UTSG and UTSC, and (if I get accepted) this is what I'm thinking

UTSG - Major in Anthro + Classical Civilization, minor in Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic Language)

UTSC - Major in Anthro, Minor in Classical Studies + Arabic electives

Do you think this is a good combination? I want to travel often in the future and learn about different cultures - it's what I'm really interested in.

I like the idea of teaching too, so I think my teachables would be Social Sciences and History.
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A photo of haze haze
i attend utsc first year, i take some social science courses. please do not come here. its terrible in every aspect, not an understatement.
i am transferring out :P
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
i heard that utsc and the mississauga ones are like high schools and they're not all that great :( st. george is the best
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Along with the above posters, if you get into UTSG, GO TO UTSG not UTSC! :)
And your combo sounds great! It really depends on what you want to do! If those subjects interest you, by all means go for them! :)
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