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A photo of ianhnsy ianhnsy
Most of the universities I've looked at have Anthropology and Sociology grouped together in some way. I think I want to do anthro, but can anyone explain the difference between the two because I'm seeing a lot of overlap. Also, which one is more likely to have travel opportunities (work exchange programs, semesters abroad.. etc).
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A photo of theboydetective theboydetective
To oversimplify, anthropology is the study of culture, while sociology is the study of society. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropology
Anthropology can potentially have really good travel opportunities (fieldwork), but it's generally academic work; perhaps a good comparison would be the amount of time an astronomer spends looking into space versus the time they spend doing calculations.
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A photo of Dischordx Dischordx
Historically, anthropology and sociology were one discipline which is why they are sometimes grouped together today. Often by studying one, you study the other without knowing it (good examples - anthropological theory, sociolinguistics, political ecology). The traditional dividing point between the two is the study of non-western cutlures (Anthropology) vs. western cultures (sociology). Anthropology will offer you more opportunities to work in field schools around the world and participate in many different types of experiences (remember - anthro consists of biological anth/primatology, archaeology, cultural anth and linguistics). As such, though, it's not for the weak at heart or for those who aren't good with learning new languages and customs.
If you're just starting out at the undergrad level, I'd suggest taking both and seeing which would be a better fit for you. I did my minor in Anthro and I thought it was an extremely good compliment to my major (History).
Best of luck!
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A photo of PR PR
anthropology is the study of human cultures throughout the world and sociology is the study of interaction between human populations. i think anthropology would have more travel as your studying other cultures. participation-observation.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
Why has only Cultural Anthropology been mentioned? There too exists Physical Anthropology (human evolution, put pithily), and Archaeology is considered within Anthropology as well, which is the study of ancient peoples (culture factors in here too, then, but Cultural Anthropology I believe is more for modern cultures).
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