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Any advice/Help ?! :(

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Alright. to get straight to the point.
i messed up big time.
My advanced functions mark is a 56% .
and we have 2 tests.2quizzes.1 thinking assignment.Exam.
i dont know if that could possibly bring my mark upto a 70.
my goal is ryerson Ted rogers...

marks right now:
International business : 91
English : 85
Economics: 76
Math: 56

Next Sem:
Business Leadership

do i have a chance? should i take night school and drop Calc and switch into Data Management? (ryerson needs calcor data )
my marks were never this low :(
im so dumb -__-
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A photo of BudsFan94 BudsFan94
All hope is not lost! Ryerson takes only one math, so be sure to put in that 110% effort into Calculus next semester! Best of luck :)
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