yconic - Any aspiring chemists? What programs should I look on to apply?
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Any aspiring chemists? What programs should I look on to apply?

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I am in grade 11. I'm searching online and I've found that if I want to major in Chemistry at University of Toronto then one has to take the CHM 151Y course? However, they also have other types of courses if you want to be a specialists in Chemistry... I live in Toronto and the only school I've found on electronicinfo.ca with the program of chemistry is at Ryerson..?

Help! :bounce:
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You`re talking about general chemistry right? If so majority of Universities across Ontario offer Chemistry. To be honest with you, you`re first year in chemistry you`ll see what you saw in grade 11 chem and 12 with a couple a new stuff along the way. After that you`re next years you`ll ``branch``off chemistry into more specific kind of chemistry. Example being is Organic Chemistry. Man there is endless possibly with Chemistry. Oh, plus the course you mentioned is probably the Uni`s course code. If you want to major in chemistry you will have to apply to the chemistry program of you`re choice of school next year in OUAC. Just make sure you have the prerequisites for you`re program.
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