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Any chance at all?

A photo of stephanieanne stephanieanne
I applied for Mechatronics at Waterloo, with a 91 average and a pretty good AIF (i think- part time job, student council president, choir outside of school). Everyone else I've heard of applying for Mechatronics have had much higher averages, like 95+. Do you think I have any chance of getting in? If not a very good chance, do you think I have the possibility of getting into my second choice, which is Systems Design?
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A photo of ChubbyNotebook ChubbyNotebook
High 95 average? No chance whatsoever.
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A photo of Sorchen Sorchen
I don't think UW has enough 95+'s to fill all the spots in Mechatronics
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
you should be fine
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