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Any IB students who went to McGill???

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I have a question on McGill. I am going to McGill (life sciences group) in the fall. I am getting university credits on biology, english and history from ib, but I want to study physiology, so the credits on english and history aren’t helpful for me at all. Also, because of those credits, I may not be able to take the physiology honours(specialist) program or a second major or even a minor on another science, otherwise I would exceed McGill’s 120 credits limit.(at McGill, I can’t give up the credits on history and english to take other science courses).

This seems very scary to me because I heard that nowardays many undergrad students are taking two majors or at leasst one specialist program. Is it a disadvantage to only take one major (not specialist) with no minor? Does any IB student who went to McGill have the same problem?

Thanks in advance.
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I would contact someone at McGill regarding your credit limit problem, because I find it unusual that you would be prevented from doing a double major or a specialist program just because you have IB credit. Can you explain to me what this credit limit is? I've never heard of a university limiting the number of credits you may have. They may limit the number of credits you can count towards a degree, but that would be it.
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