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any journalism applicants?

A photo of alexsloman alexsloman
i applied for journalism at 3 schools 1) ryerson, 2) laurier, and 3) uoft

for my ryerson portfolio i included:

journalistic experience-- how i wrote for the school newspaper and magazine (and i was 'editor in chief' for one)
relevant life experience-- studied french up until grade 12 (since gr, 1),
various travel around the world,
i was in the school band for all 4 years of high school,
i volunteered at a soccer club to help coach teams,
and how i worked at a vet clinic for 2 years.
essay-- 9/11 coverage, and how it made me want to pursue journalism, and that it's not all fact, you have to cater to people's emotions tastefully
portfolio-- 2 articles i wrote for the school newspaper, and a credits page with my name under "editor in chief"

how's my portfolio in your honest opinion?
because i really need my portfolio to compensate for my 75% average...

what are my chances?
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A photo of alexsloman alexsloman
really? nobody?
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A photo of Mel141 Mel141
Your portfolio sounds pretty solid, but its all about what each school expects and what other applicants put forward in comparison to yours. You may have a shot for Laurier though, as their program isn't necessarily as established or competitive as the other two schools.
Good luck though!
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A photo of crunchtime crunchtime
I also applied for Journalism at Ryerson. For my supplementary package I included the following:

Essay- 9/11
Journalistic Experience-
Head Writer, School Newspaper
Announcer, Announcement Crew
Writer, Get Recruited Canada
Other Experience-
Second Languages:
Extra Curricular Activites:
Communications Officer, Green Council
Vice- President, Athletic Council
Student Ambassador
Delegate, Model UN
Head Defensive Captain, Flag Football
Manager, Senior Boys Basketball Team
Head Captian, Varsity Girls Basketball Team
Coach's Most Valuable Player Award for Senior Girls Team in Grade 10
Commencement Award for Grade 12 Canadian Law(CLN 4U1)awarded in Grade 11
4 Sports
2 Political/Social Issues
Drama (FINAL)- 88
World Issues- 86
Canadian Law(FINAL)- 91
English- 77

I am super nervous also I hope that my supplementary package was strong enough. I find out my final marks Wednesday so I am hoping for at least an 81 for English from the final 30%. Otherwise I will definitely be praying on my portfolio because I heard last year there cut off was 75 for english!

In response to your portfolio Alexsloman you have excellent extra-curricular activities. For the essay also a good choice. In regards to the articles did you submit two or more than than that? I know typically people submit 6 articles from people that have previously applied
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A photo of firmament104 firmament104
You do have a strong portfolio. The only thing I'd recommend you do is intern at the local paper. That's how I found out journalism wasn't for me. The editor there said that if you intern at a paper, it looks really good to future schools and employers in the journalism field. Regardless of whether you want to do it before university, definitely intern in your first year or at some point in your university life. I edit the school paper as well, and it's nothing like working in a real newsroom. That's the only advice I can think of.
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A photo of Msskey Msskey
I'd say you have a strong portfolio.
I'm limited to attempting to get work published in our small towns news paper
our school doesn't have a school paper there weren't enough people interested.
My grade however put me at a higher average then 75%
i've applied to Thompson rivers uni for an undeclared bachelors of arts and hope to major in journalism. and i applied to mount royal college, won't hear back from them until end of march.

good luck to you and i think your credentials will be helpful :)
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A photo of kaydancechick kaydancechick
Also applied for journalism at Ryerson, as well as St. Thomas and Kings.
Included Volunteer experiance with Eastlink television in portfolio
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hey, I applied to Ryerson & U of T for Journalism

Essay: My essay was super unique, I wrote on an article that talked about the disintegration of journalism in general. Interesting article.
Journalistic Experience - reporter for school newspaper
Life experience - delegate for Rotary Youth Parliament, 3-day eventer (equestrian), travels throughout Canada, volunteer for Vancouver Olympic Committee

Portfolio: 3 published news articles I wrote, 1 unpublished news article


Bio - 78
English - 88
Political Studies - 98
Math - 83

SOOO hoping to get accepted!
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A photo of AlDonato AlDonato
Wow, solid portfolios all around. I'm not applying yet OP(still in grade 11). Does anyone had any tips for volunteer work/courses relevant to journalism?

I'm not very strong in math or science. Despite the peer and home pressure, I've considered not taking one or both in favour of electives (Law, Psych, etc.) or a co-op course with a local newspaper or television station. Would this be wise? Or should I just take that Math 12 I've been dreading?

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A photo of lala93 lala93
Yep I applied to carleton and ryerson for journalism. for my ryerson portfolio:
essay: online article about race in canada
life experience: travel, second language, interviewed by co-op board for education, volunteered for 3 film festivals, also volunteered for forest cleanup, old age home etc
journalistic experience: co-op as a communications intern, got my articles published on various online mags, contributor for school newspaper, blog
portfolio: 4 published articles---2 articles for my school newspaper, 2 for online mags
avg: 84.3

hopefully I get in;)
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A photo of firmament104 firmament104

@AlDonato wrote
Does anyone had any tips for volunteer work/courses relevant to journalism?

Intern in a newsroom. I CANNOT stress that enough. Get experience. Because, trust me, school papers just don't cut it in comparison as far as experience quality for you. Interning will let you see if it's really something you want to pursue. Maybe start a blog too where you can just take pieces from for your portfolio. Trust me, do it, do it, do it! Go intern. It's the best experience. Also, my editor told me that if your grades are decent anyway, you are pretty much guaranteed to get into journalism because of that work experience (obvs not for a school where you need stellar grades to get into in the first place, but interning definitely helps your application!). If you do a good job, you can get a reference letter from your editor! Not to mention, interning pretty much guarantees you getting published which will look great in your portfolio. Word to the wise: The journalism industry is changing. Make sure you are able to adapt, because you may have to. Generally speaking, journalism doesn't pay that well. You could always do freelance on the side if you wanted. Make sure you love it first, get the experience at your local paper! You won't only get experience writing, but also with photography and introductions to everyone's jobs. It really opens up your possibilities in terms of thinking of different avenues to explore. Good luck!!
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