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Any UOFT Comp Sci Students?

A photo of premachb premachb
Hey guys,

I'm looking at getting into UOFT Comp Sci, i'm still waiting for acceptance, but I think i have a really good chance of getting in.

Anyways, I was just wondering what course you are taking first year and the difficulty of them. Is first year Comp Sci really hard or just on par?

Also, i heard you have to take a writing course (-_-). Is this true? Also I was wondering if getting into the specializations is hard. I was looking at the Software Engineering specialization or the Economics specialization, still deciding.

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A photo of HarryHoudini HarryHoudini
I'm waiting for acceptance too. My low chem mark (don't know why I took it) and okay math marks made me not expect an acceptance yet. Did you apply to UTM and UofT? We're lucky because they took out this math course that was the 9th pit of hell called MAT137 and made it optional.
My friend's brother is in UTM (2nd year) getting 70's, bit of a slacker but he was a high 80 math student in high school and done some coding for fun. He said they take things slow and I'm not sure about writing courses sorry. Hopefully we both get in. What's your average :P
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A photo of peterv peterv
applied to UofT..!
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