yconic - Anybody still waiting for admission from UBC commerce (Sauder school)?
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Anybody still waiting for admission from UBC commerce (Sauder school)?

A photo of bae1991 bae1991
I'm a college student trying to transfer to Sauder into their 2nd year.
I'm still waiting for their response.
My status has been showing "Your supplemental application is currently under review" for more than two weeks...
I thought I had good supp and GPA.
Anybody still waiting or just got accepted?
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A photo of GreatDepression GreatDepression
At least you're farther ahead. I'm a first year UBC student and I'm waiting to be transferred into 2nd year commerce. My status still says: "Based on your academic record to date, we are unable to offer you admission at this time. We will review your application again when your final grades are available and inform you of our admission decision.". Mind you, my final grades came out almost 3 weeks ago.
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